Thursday, April 26, 2012


Shivering dark and I can't seem to see your face anymore at least not in color at least not.. as much to say that ive seen it about a million times before Shivering cold and no one seems to know how to turn the light on We could be warm But the days dawn and the floors get dented and nobody but a fool would leave their wallet on the line right now at least you're working towards ascencion and at least you are still wondering why but at most its a cold road to descension but at best there will always be time

Friday, August 06, 2010

cold glow

Landscape grey
a bluish glow
when it's sunny

Landscape white
snow on concrete
turns grey
in the whitish glow
with grey wet footprints
when it's winter

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Il y a les gens qui ont des vraies problèmes

C'est affreux
les mots que tu disent

ce soir

C'est affreux
de voir que
t'est assis dans cet meme chaise

empêche les pensées
et bienfaisante

Souvient-tu toujours

Dans cet monde
il y a les gens qui sont


il y a les gens qui ont des
vraies problèmes

Laissons nous
faire l'amour
ce soir
et je te jure

tout les mal-faites
vont se devenir

demain matin

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Laissez faire

Laissez faire. Pourtant ce n'etait jamais une grande affaire. Je m'en cris dans mon lit, je m'en cris everywhere. Laissez moi faire.

Laisse les arbres, laisse le tot. Laisse moi toujours avant que je dis un mot.

Friday, January 22, 2010


You watch the football and explain its principles. The tv screen buzzes bright or dim or double vision depending on how we adjust the antennae. It's an ongoing joke, really. Sometimes I wonder how long it will be until I succumb to getting a cable subscription. Because I heard that the TLC channel is awesome. Great for when you get home from work and your brain is so tired from dealing with PEOPLE. Then you get to empty your brain and have it filled by stories of fake PEOPLE that you can make fun of and gossip about without having to feel guilty about it since they're not even real. Where does this fascination stem from?

The days are getting longer now. I can tell because it's 5pm and its not dark yet. it's so surreal the way my brain and body suffer because of lack of light. it's like a whole system that is constantly re-updating and resetting itself without me knowing about it. I get a pain in my head. Must have been the beer. I get dry skin, must drink more water. God forbid I should be sick. Maybe its cancer, maybe its stress.

Then I keep having dreams about animals. Dreamt I was in a car with my family in the woods and a wolf was following our car. We stopped to look at it, he was silver big and strong. Then a big brown bear came out of the woods and attacked the wolf. I told my dad to drive away, but before we could the bear tore into the wolf and bit his ear off with all the blood and gore. And then I was out of the car, flying above the woods so I could see that the land we were on was just part of this maze of islands. I was flying around trying to find a good place to land.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i'm sorry i'm tired

You said
It had nothing
to do
with me
your daughter
needs medicine
i said
i understood

but yet
here you are
in my face
and your face
with your
crooked moustache
and your
curled lips
you wanted
to direct it
and now

i'm angry

i couldn't help
but think
you were wrong
in some way

and then
I didn't
the pumps

i'm sorry
i'm so tired

Tuesday, November 03, 2009



I swear I saw red
glowing in your eyes

You were taught
how to be
a real man
and how to
what you want

so here comes
the anger

you were only taught
what not to believe
and just screw all
the rest

so there it is
your anger